Trikorfo Beach is a villa resort in Sithonia - Greece. Located in the heart of Halkidiki in Greece, the hotel features private villas ideal for individual and family vacation. Rent your own beach house in Halkidiki at this luxury hotel and relax in the comfort of your own private terrace and garden.

Each summer villa at this hotel in Halkidiki includes a fully equipped kitchen and a pleasant lounge that distinguish Trikorfo Beach Resort. Every beach house is developed in two levels, has separate entrance and a balcony with panoramic view of central Halkidiki in Greece.

Stone-paved terraces in contact with the garden are shaded by wooden pergolas and offer privacy to each guest at Trikorfo Beach Hotel in Halkidiki, Sithonia. Features like ceramic-tiled roofs, wooden ceilings and hand engraved furniture bring contemporary luxury to your vacation.

The hotel villas range from a family appropriate beach house in Halkidiki that can accommodate up to four guests to larger buildings that are ideal for bigger families. The household of each villa in this hotel in Halkidiki is more than sufficient to cover the needs of each guest separately.

Trikorfo Beach - Sithonia, Greece is a tastefully designed and furnished resort in Halkidiki that offers all the amenities to guarantee a perfect holiday to all of its guests. Explore the magnificent sea of Halkidiki in Greece while staying in an extra spacious villa at the best family resort in Halkidiki.